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Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Advanced Radon Consulting offers quick turnaround on providing results to our commercial clients once we have retrieved the radon device or detectors.

In addition, we ensure quality of test results. Our lab provides the highest integrity of analysis for commercial testing.

Our clients receive the highest in industry standards regarding commercial radon test results, with full validity for inclusion in documentation for commercial real estate transactions.

We can conduct a complete radon measurement survey in any building where you may need radon levels determined. Radon levels can be measured for apartments, office buildings, stores or any type of structure. Advanced Radon Consulting provides a thorough report that is easy to understand. Our reports supply the results and explain testing methodology and quality assurance measures that were taken so that all parties concerned can understand the validity of the test results.

If the building is found to have elevated radon levels, Advanced Radon Consultants can provide options for mitigation to reduce the radon levels.

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