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New Construction

Are You Building A New Home?

The best time to address radon concerns is during your new home's construction!

Your new home can be built to resist radon gas entry by adding a radon gas system. It is wise to implement radon resistant precautions when building a home. This small investment may greatly reduce the risk of radon-related lung cancer for your home's residents. An additional benefit of a radiation remediation system is better moisture control throughout the house.

Step One

The first step is installing a specialized air channel before the foundation is poured. This air channel keeps soil gases from entering the home. Once the foundation is poured, all openings and cracks are sealed as an additional prevention measure.

Step Two

The second step is to install a passive radon gas mitigation system or vent pipe. This can be done during the construction phase by using PVC pipes vertically from beneath the foundation and up through the roof to safely vent radon and the other soil gases outside of the house. Once your new home is completed, a simple radon test can be performed to make the sure the precautions are keeping radon gas from accumulating in the house. If radon test results are high, the passive system can be turned into an active system. This can be done by adding a fan at a much lower cost than installing a system in a home that is already completed.

When a radon gas system is added during construction, it adds value to your home and protects the health of the residents. We have design and engineering experience and will work directly with your builder to ensure the highest quality construction.

Working with HOA’s

Advanced Radon Consulting can assist homeowners in acquiring permission from their HOA’s committee for the installation of your radon mitigation system.

We can provide photographs of systems that look similar to your proposed system along with a photo that shows where your proposed radon system will be located on your home.

If your HOA committee would like to know more about radon, we can provide a 15 minute presentation at an HOA meeting. This would cover the basics as to what radon is, its health risk, the entry of radon into a home and how to reduce the radon levels within a home.

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